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Have you taken notice of your surroundings? Do you live in a city you are proud of? For me, Milwaukee is a the busy city rich in the environmental movements of the past and present society. I love exploring the city and reading about how this city changes day by day. I also have grown to appreciate  my environment developed a passion for taking better care of it

MKE GO GREEN is truly my own little passion project, with the purpose of informing readers about the greenery in Milwaukee, along with other people and organizations, who also have a passion for improving the environment in this city. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and learn how the Milwaukee Environmental Movement is happening in today's society. Read on and enjoy!

"Water City Veterans Park Lagoon"

Milwaukee Environment Cityscape.jpg

“Our goal is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all human beings and all other living creatures. Our goal is a decent environment in its broadest and deepest sense.”

Gaylord Nelson
Former Wisconsin Senator

Founder of Earth Day 

"How was a Wisconsin Senator Helped Establish Earth Day 50 Years Ago"



Hello, my name is Breckyn Hockers, and Project M.K.E. is my own little passion project that combined two of my favorite topics of interest which are the environment and the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

To clarify, this project started out as an informational website on the environmental evolution in Milwaukee. When I got the opportunity to work more on this website, I was able to include my opinion in some areas of the website.

As a disclaimer, this website will include some of my own opinions, but that does not mean that the information provided is not credible. Even though opinions will be included, information from articles and journals will also be included. Any information that is inspired or included from another source will have a citation immediately next to the information. Any photographs that were not personally taken by myself, will also be given credit. The "Works Cited" page includes all of the sources and photographs included in the website that I highly suggest you check out to gain even more knowledge on the environment in Milwaukee.



Breckyn Hockers