Past Milwaukee Environmental Movements

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Earth Day 1970

One of the most known events in Milwaukee History is Earth Day on April 22, 1970, where the public of Milwaukee gathered at the Milwaukee River for protesting the water pollution in the River. Since it was also Earth Day, the crowd celebrated the Earth with a rock concert. Some would recall this event or the year of 1970 as the Milwaukee Environmental Movement, but Milwaukee has been improving its environment continuously. However, the Milwaukee Environmental Movement started decades ago, in the 1800's (World Wide Photos).


The First Act

In the 1880's, the city of Milwaukee started a new project for improving the quality of the Milwaukee Environment. New sanitary and storm sewers were built under the enter of Milwaukee (Hayes, Paul G. “Conservation and Environmentalism.”) The project, lead by Increase A. Lapham, a naturalist and scientist, was for improving the quality of the drinking water in a systematic way, so that the entire public of Milwaukee had access to quality drinking water (Hayes, Paul G. “Increase A. Lapham.”).

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The past events and projects are no longer considered modern in this society. So then what is the Modern Milwaukee  Environmental Movement? To put it shortly, it is us.

If you want the long version: It is the people in today's society, from different experiences, careers with different ideas, but with the same goal. 

For an even longer version....just explore the rest of this website.

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