The Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO), is a branch of the Milwaukee City Government focused on the Milwaukee Environment. The office collaborated with city organizations such as the Milwaukee Parks Association and has developed action plans for certain areas of the city to be improved and maintained. Some examples of these action plans are Water Centric City Initiative, Milwaukee Shines, Better Buildings Challenge and many more. 

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The 2013-2023 Milwaukee Sustainability Plan, or “Refresh MKE”, was published in 2013 by the Milwaukee City Government. Refresh MKE a ten-year city government plan with explanations and action plans to improve the environment of Milwaukee (“City of Milwaukee Sustainability Plan”). 

One action plan is to adapt the buildings in Milwaukee so that they produce cleaner energy waste products without destroying the historical architecture and design of the buildings. Most of the buildings and houses in the area are very historical and were built before 1955. The Sustainability Plan of Milwaukee mentions that the buildings can be either deconstructed, if needed for safety regulations, or renovated with sustainability technology and resources, so the building can be improved, but not lose its historical aspect (“City of Milwaukee Sustainability Plan”).

For improving these Milwaukee Buildings, reusable and friendly resources such as bamboo and concrete were ideas of alternate resources, along with implementing solar panels in buildings to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases buildings produce. 

An action plan is great to have, but just because there is a plan, does not mean that action is taken. However, over the past seven years so far, the city government of Milwaukee has proven that they are keeping their promises.

Twenty vacant lots have been transformed into small pocket parks, that transform the space into that something that can be useful as well as promoting the greenery and beauty of the city (Bence, Susan. “How Is Milwaukee Doing 10 Years Into Sustainability Plan.”)

Another example, would be the reconstruction of buildings that the government promised to have adapted to these cleaner expectations, along with planning and implementing a cleaner option of transportation. The Bublr Bikes Stations in Milwaukee are bike stations posted in many parts of the city so citizens have access to easy and clean transportation (Bence, Susan. “How Is Milwaukee Doing 10 Years Into Sustainability Plan.”) Read more about the Bublr Bikes in the "Quick Tips" tab.



The Mitchell Park Horticulture Conservatory is three domes that house plants that belong in three different climates, desert, tropical, and forest. Based on personal experience, the domes contain a variety of plants with activities that educate the public about each of the plans and how the climate affects their success. The exhibit also features small attractions that help gain and maintain the audiences attention.

The Mitchell Park Horticulture Conservatory is a project belonging to the Ecology Collaboration Office of the Milwaukee City Government and the public attraction brings in revenue for the office in order to carry out its purposes for improving and sustaining the Milwaukee Government (“Welcome to the Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO).”)