The Conservational and Environmental Sciences Programs

Being known for their well taught Conservational and Environmental Sciences Program, The Conservational and Environmental Science Majors have two tracks to follow within the program, the conservation and natural resources track as well as the water resource track (“University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee").  

The Conservational and Environmental Sciences Program at the university are more focused on educating students rather than having hands on experiences with developing projects and getting involved in organizations. Ellie Kirkwood, a graduate of 2013, and her work as a field supervisor for the River Revitalization Foundation in Milwaukee and her efforts to help improve the quality of the Milwaukee River for the organisms it homes (“University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.” Conservation and Environmental Science). So, it seems the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s conservational sciences program is geared towards educating students about the environment’s state currently and ways to improve the environment, and set them free to explore and have their own experiences along with applying the information they have received from their education.

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Although, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is geared towards the education of the state of the environment and ways to make improvements, they still encourage their students to involve themselves in projects geared towards the improvements and sustainment of the Milwaukee Environment (“University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.” Conservation and Environmental Science.) From the look at their campus and program pages, it seems as if they want their students to involve themselves rather than "doing it for a project." However, the Office of Sustainability at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee provides a few volunteering opportunities clubs, or student organizations to join (“University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.” Office of Sustainability.)

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