Think that it is too hard or not worth it to participate in any topic? Think no one will listen to your ideas? Well, let me tell you, people will listen if you speak, and take a stand to voice your words. Put in the effort. At the Milwaukee School of Languages, in Milwaukee Wisconsin, a group of high school students gathered for a peaceful walkout, in order to participate in the topic of climate change. On March 18th, 2019, the students shared that the purpose of their gathering was to remind the government and the public that they are a part of the country and deserve to have their opinions listened to, rather than being ignored because of their age. Although the high school students were protesting Governor Tony Evers' actions on their involvement in the topi of climate change, the importance of their rally was to get involved in a topic and show that their voices should be heard. (Bence, Susan. “Milwaukee High School Students Join International Call For Climate Change Action.”)



One great way of becoming involved in Milwaukee's efforts to improve and sustain its environment, is by joining local organizations, such as the the Urban Ecology Center. Located in Riverside Park, in the city of Milwaukee, the Urban Ecology Center is a non-profit organization with the goal of educating the general public about the different types of plants, incorporating nature in daily lifestyles, such as gardening, as well as educate how nature and plants can be beneficial to the Earth, mental health, and one’s physical health (“What We Do”.) 

This is just one example of an organization that could partake in. Explore the "Get Involved" Tab to find out how become a member of the Urban Ecology Center or learn about other organizations or projects you can be a part of.

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