Simple Tricks and Tips for Developing a Cleaner Lifestyle

In this day and age, it is always GO GO GO, and convenience is seen as a time saver. However, just because something is convenient, does not always mean that it is the better choice. Here are some easy tips can easily be adapted into your lifestyle, and be a better option for the benefits of the Earth.

better water.jpg

Use Reusable Water Bottles

Although, plastic water bottles are so easy and convenient to get water when needed, they are so harmful to the planet. Buying and using a reusable water bottle is 100 times safer for the  Earth because, plastic water bottles take over 100 years to degrade. Having an excess of plastic on the Earth is harmful to the nature it homes. So rewashing and reusing the same water bottle saves a lot of plastic just sitting on the Earth. Also you can pick out your the water bottle of your choice!

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Get a Plant

Buy one plant to spruce up your home! Buying at least one plant can be beneficial to the environment because, you are incorporated plant life into the world and into your home. It is a nice reminder that we share this Earth with other wildlife. Also, if you think that you do not have a "green thumb," a succulent is an easy plant to take care of, because it does not require much water.

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Try a New Way of Transportation

Transportation is an essential when it comes to living in a busy city such as Milwaukee, so it is nice that the city can provide ways of getting to places pretty easily. Although going from place to place by car could be considered the most convenient, the fumes from the gas can create a lot of air pollution is everyone used a car everyday. There are buses, walking, and bikes that can be used for transportation instead. They can also be more cost effective. Transportation by bus, requires a bus pass or a small fee every time you get on a bus. For biking, you can either use your own bike, or to make it easier, the city of Milwaukee has implemented the Bublr Bike Project. The Bike Project, incorporates an app with a a bike pass as a fee in order for an individual to use bikes at any of the nearest bike stations. Bublr Bikes Project's goal is to create clean and easy transportation, with trying to solve the issue of stolen bikes. You can also walk to places on a nice day!

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Recycling is just a better way for certain substances to be properly destroyed or recycled into reuse. It is an easy process. Just use, rinse, and put into a recycling bin. If something can be re-utilized, it is better to recycle than to have it sit in a garbage pile.

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Use Your Dishes

Paper plates and plastic utensils can result in just becoming a pile of trash. People spend a significant amount of money on dishware and utensils since they are categorized as essentials, but tend to spend even more money on buying paper or plastic plates and utensils. Why not use (and reuse) what you already have. It also does not require a lot of time to either put the dish in the dishwasher or hand wash it with soap and water. Do the planet a favor and use the dishes that sit in your cupboards. 

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Go On Walks

Use the space around you. Life can be so busy and sometimes we need a break. Why not go outside and get some fresh air? The city of Milwaukee has many parks throughout the city that citizens can use to get some exercise and take in the nature around them. Going for a walk in nature can calm your mind with the beautiful scenery and the fresh air provided by the plants. Being in nature can also help develop an appreciation for your surroundings and inspire ways to preserve the beautiful scenery that you are home to. 

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